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Commercial Debt Collection

FFCC collect debts of all amounts

clients trust in our work

At First Federal Credit Control, we understand how essential accounts receivables are to our commercial clients. Commercial businesses are usually too busy conducting business to chase after unpaid accounts. This is where FFCC comes in, as we specialize in collecting debts for commercial businesses.

Your business is our priority and not just a number. Our clients return to us because they trust in our work and are confident in our success. We recover more paid in full accounts compared to the industry average.

A Commercial Collection Agency
You Can Trust

As a commercial collection agency with over 50 years of collecting debts for commercial businesses and other organizations, we have over 10,000 satisfied clients.
We take great pride in building relationships through debt collecting by using phone calls and mail to collect money from businesses that owe it to you.

As our customers, we only charge fees on debts we have collected for you. When we collect for you, we send monthly remittances of the recovered debt.

We provide our clients with a Client Portal to follow our progress and see the payments we received on your behalf. Once we satisfy your account, we mark the account paid.
We provide complete transparency of your account, what we collect, and what fees we charge.

B2B Collection Agency

We work for all types of commercial businesses, including B2B organizations. When you work with other companies, you expect them to pay for your services or products. If they don’t, we will work hard to collect payment for you. Our work lets you keep focusing on what matters - your business.

Commercial B2B Collection

We recognize that your accounts receivable keeps your cash flowing and your business open. Our collection specialists treat your unpaid customers with polite professionalism. They focus on helping your business collect unpaid debts of all amounts. Over the years, FFCC debt collectors have reclaimed more than one million paid-in-full accounts.