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Fitness Centers

FFCC: A leading collection agency

diplomatic approach

Running a fitness center can be a profitable business venture, but it isn’t always easy to collect fees from broken contracts.
First Federal Credit Control, Inc. (FFCC) is one of the nation’s leading collection agencies for fitness centers, serving independently owned and chain gyms from coast to coast.

Debt Recovery For Fitness Centers

For more than fifty years, we’ve recovered millions for clients in the fitness sector, helping them bring in the bottom line they deserve. Our diplomatic, non-confrontational approach is proven to get results well above the industry average.

As part of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International), our talented team is part of a network of more than 4,000 collection specialists across the United States. Our clients trust us to handle their debt recovery needs thanks to our track record, serving over 10,000 credit grantors.

Our dedicated specialists place emphasis on customer satisfaction, taking the time to understand each client’s unique situation. We work to recover funds while maintaining healthy relations between gym owners and gym-goers.

Gym Membership Debt Collection

Gyms pose a unique challenge when it comes to debt collection. It’s not uncommon for customers to stop using the gym after signing a contract, and many will halt monthly payments at the same time. As a gym owner, it can be challenging to bring in money owed by absentee athletes.

At FFCC, we use a compassionate and straightforward approach when dealing with both clients and customers. We use a combination of mailings, direct phone calls, and credit reporting to ensure that accounts don’t remain unpaid. Incorporating innovative technologies such as our online client portal and payment system makes it more convenient than ever to settle accounts on both ends.

Once we start serving your debt collection needs, you can expect us to send you regular updates. We strive to keep you informed as we perform most of the challenging work involved in recovering the revenue that is rightly yours. You can expect us to reach out to you by phone and by mail regularly to keep you up-to-date.

Our practices are constantly evolving to bring you the results you want. We work hard to ensure that we meet or exceed current industry standards. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we’re using tried and tested methods to help them recover lost gym fees while protecting their business’s reputation.