Collection File Format Requirements For Exel Document

Guarantor information must be on every line even if guarantor is the consumer. This includes the name, date of birth and/or social security number.  Address must be separated with street address, city, state and zip in their own columns. State must be in two letter abbreviation form. Case does not matter. 

Balance being turned over for collections must be clearly marked.  Date of service must be included for all accounts in order to be reported to the credit bureau. There should only be ONE date on each line as the last date of service or date of that specific charge.

CFPB date must be included for all accounts per Regulation F requirements. This cannot be a future date

Notes column should include information on if consumer is deceased, represented by an attorney for any reason, workers comp, motor vehicle accident, bankruptcy, etc. This field has a max of 30 characters, but you can add more notes columns if needed (up to 7) with a max of 30 characters each.