A Unique Collection Agency Experience

Inspiring Client Confidence & Trust -
Every day, Every Client, Every Account.

First Federal Credit Control acts as an extension of your organization,
honoring your company's needs without risking customer relationships.

Welcome to First Federal Credit Control

Personalized services that put people first

Navigating the collection process can be challenging. Ensuring company success without harming your client relationships is crucial, and you can’t trust just any collection agency with the task.

Let the professional, talented team at First Federal Credit Control handle your debt recovery services. You and your customers, both present and future, will both benefit.

The Collection Agency Support You Need

Our philosophy is unique in the industry with a non-confrontational approach to debt recovery services.
Because we work together as an extension of your team your interests remain our top priority throughout the collection process.

FFCC’s approach ensures that you recover accounts without jeopardizing the relationships you built with your customers.
We have a proven track record of delivering maximum recovery without burdening you or your company or derailing client relations.

First Federal Credit Control is a collection agency offering personalized services that put people first. Customer relationships are valuable, and that principle is at the core of our operations.

Revolutionizing What A Collection Agency Experience Is Supposed To Be

Debt Recovery Services for Professionals

FFCC has a long history of handling debt recovery for professional companies. For over fifty years, we’ve fostered partnerships with healthcare, dental, technology, and other industries to ensure debts are paid without compromising the organizational dynamic you have worked so hard to establish.

Customer Service

You can expect exceptional customer service from our highly trained and experienced team members. Plus, we employ cutting-edge technology to streamline the process from beginning to end.

Client Portal

At FFCC, we provide a client portal where you can manage your account. You can check on updates regarding your account status and payments. We also make it easy for customers to pay online right on our website.

No upfront fee

We only charge fees on accounts that we have collected, so you never have to pay an up-front cost for the service. We also remit all money collected for our clients at the conclusion of each month, so you never have to wait for your money.

Exemplary results

Our goal is to manage the collection process for you to ease the burden and get your accounts paid in full. At FFCC, we are a committed collection agency providing debt recovery services to companies just like yours with exemplary results.

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Revolutionizing What a Collection Agency Experience Is Supposed To Be