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How Does FFCC Handle Utilities Collection?

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When it comes to utilities collection, FFCC collects debt using a non-confrontational approach. We also ensure that we’re always in compliance with all laws and regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We’re members of the American Collectors Association (ACA), as well as the Ohio Receivables Management Association (ORMA).

FFCC will always work hard to keep client-customer relationships in good standing. Our team members are diplomatic, empathetic, and patient. This ensures that the debt recovery process goes smoothly and is resolved without negative consequences or reactions.

Why Choose FFCC
for Your Utility Debt Collection?

It’s crucial to select the most capable utilities collection company for your service and commercial venture, but doing so can be challenging. Let’s make it easy.
Choosing FFCC to ensure your business collects its unpaid debts is a smart move and for several reasons.

1. Firstly, we’ve been in business for more than half a century. That’s allowed us plenty of time to improve our performance and form long-lasting bonds with our clients. Our depth of experience ensures that we’re one of the most effective debt collection agencies in the US.

2. Secondly, our clients are proud to name us at their debt collection agency. We consistently garner praise from those who work with us, and we intend to continue building and expanding this positive reputation. How? By providing the most exceptional collection services, of course!

3. Third, at FFCC, we provide a client portal where you can manage your account. You can check on updates regarding your account status and payments. We also make it easy for customers to pay online right on our website.

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