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Recover lost revenue while maintaining a good dentist-patient relationship with our dental debt collection services.

Dental Collection Agency

A Reliable Debt Collection Agency that Keeps Your Dental Practice Financially Healthy

Building a dental practice doesn’t happen overnight. Just like other types of business, it takes years to grow a successful and profitable practice. Unfortunately, dental debt can stand in the way of that success. While you may share a philosophy about the value of maintaining proper oral health with your patients, they may still fall behind on their payments.

As a dentist, one of the most unpleasant assignments is dental debt collection. You have worked hard to get patients and build strong, long-term relationships with them. It can be disheartening to have to collect overdue payments from them. If done the wrong way, you run the risk of them going somewhere else for service.

This is where First Federal Credit Control can help. We can craft a dental debt collection strategy that treats your patients right while making sure you get paid for services rendered. Our dental collections are cordial, preserving the good relationship you have with your client.

Aside from treating your patients with care, compassion, and understanding during debt collection, we’ll ensure you get your profits back on track in no time.

We Can Help You Understand Why Your Dental Patients Aren’t Paying You on Time

Your Patients Forgot To Pay

Your patients can procrastinate, telling themselves they are going to pay you at some point. Over time, other bills can pile up and they can forget about the money they owe you. Sometimes they may think that their spouse paid the bill and can end up ignoring it. When you hire us, we can remind them that they have to settle their dental bill.

Your Dental Practice Delayed Invoicing Patients

Sometimes your patients may not have paid you because you didn’t send them an invoice. If your dental practice is short-staffed, your invoicing may pile up and cause delays. We encourage dentists to have a regular schedule of invoicing. It can help fasten your dental debt recovery process.

Your Patients May Have Financial Challenges

One of the main reasons your dental clients may hesitate to pay you is because they are having financial challenges. They may not have the money to finish off their overdue payments. They may have had an emergency dental issue that needed quick attention but they may not have heard the resources to pay for your dental practice at the same time.

Our debt collection services for dentists can connect with your patients and come up with a suitable repayment plan that considers your patients’ financial challenges. This way you can get your money back without straining your clients.

Your Patients Have a Dispute Regarding the Service You Provided

Some patients can hold back payment because they were displeased with your dental services. Sometimes your dental clients may have had different expectations for the services you were supposed to provide them, or they may not have understood the service you were obligated to provide.

When this happens, they may fail to address the matter with you and decide to resolve it by not paying you. Our debt collectors know that this tactic doesn’t work. We can help you open the lines of communication with your patients to resolve the issue so you can get your payments.

Benefits of Hiring Our Dental Debt Collection Agency

Preserve Your Relationship with Patients

One of the misconceptions about consulting with a dental collection agency is that you will drive your patients away. This is far from the truth. When you work with our debt collection for dental offices, our team works to strengthen your relationship with your patients while encouraging them to pay off any outstanding bills.

Our comprehensive debt collection process helps us determine why your patients are paying late. This helps us develop customized techniques and strategies to help you receive the payments you deserve. Our debt collection specialists take a positive, proactive approach to communication with and collecting from your dental clients.

Work with Trained Debt Collection Specialists

While your staff may be well-versed in how insurance payments, health saving accounts, and deductibles payments affect a patient’s invoice, they may not be well-versed in how to collect overdue payments.

Working with our dental debt collection agency means your patients communicate with a professional that understands U.S. debt collection laws. What’s more, we’re trained to handle disgruntled or angry clients, encouraging them to make payments or establish a payment plan.

Improve Efficiency in Your Dental Practice

Tracking and following up on overdue payments can be time-consuming and frustrating for you and your staff. Hiring our debt collection agency can help you free up time spent on making phone calls and sending emails or collection letters related to past-due accounts. We handle these issues so you can focus on providing quality dental services and running your practice.

Get Legal Protection

There are laws that govern the debt collection industry, and well-informed patients won’t hesitate to sue your practice when their rights are violated. Our dental debt collection agency knows this, and that’s why we understand both federal and state collection laws. This allows us to lawfully recover unpaid debts on your behalf, eliminating any legal trouble.

Stay Ahead of Changing Debt Collection Laws and Regulations

Federal and debt collection laws keep changing. If you aren’t aware of this, you can make a mistake that can cost your dental practice a lot of money. Using our dental debt collection agency is a smart move because we will keep up to date on all these laws and regulations. This way, you will always stay compliant when contacting patients about past-due debt.

Encourage Faster Payments

When you hire our dental debt collection agency, your patients may pay you faster and more often. We can help you develop proactive debt collection strategies that accelerate the payment process so you get your money faster. Our team can also help you identify reasons why accounts are falling into non-payment and resolve them as soon as possible. We’ll save you time, money, and energy so you’ll have time to focus on what’s important – your dental practice.

Provides Needed Documentation

Has your patient stayed long without paying up? Looking to sue them?

The process can be a lot harder if you don’t have a dental debt collection agency on your side. If you want your lawsuit against a patient for past due accounts to be successful, you should consult with our data collection agency. We’ll ensure you have the proper documentation outlining the efforts you made to collect the debt from your patient.

When used in court, this information will illustrate extensive effort was put forth to recover the debt and can help strengthen your case. What’s more, the documentation is vital for tax purposes. In case you write off bad debt as a tax deduction, our records can offer the proper documentation to the IRS.

How Our Dental Debt Collection Process Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

To access our top-rated dental debt collection services, you first need to contact us and talk to one of our representatives. Once you do, we’ll discuss your debt collection needs.

Step 2: Gain Access to Our Portal

After our consultation, we’ll give you written permission to log into our site. You’ll then use your username and password to gain access to all the information relevant to your dental debt recovery. Through this portal, you can manage your account and check on updates about your account status and payments.

Step 3: Develop a Debt Collection Strategy

Our team of dental debt collection specialists will do thorough research on your patients to know how much they own your dental practice. This will help us create a customized debt collection plan that will ensure you get your money while still maintaining a good relationship with your patients,

Step 3: Connect with Your Patients

We’ll implement our debt collection strategy by connecting with your clients through carefully timed and consistent payment reminders. Our team will craft personalized messaging that fits your specific patients’ needs.

Step 4: Dental Debt Recovery

Through our tailored debt collection strategy, we’ll seamlessly recover overdue payments from your patients.

Step 5: Manage Debt Recovery

Debt recovery doesn’t usually take one day. It is a continual process. Our dental debt collection experts will support you through your patient’s payment plan until you get all your money back. If you need legal intervention, we’ll also offer our support.

Why We’re Your Rated #1 Dental Debt Collection Agency

Quality Debt Collection Services

For over 50 years, First Federal Credit Control has led the debt collection with an impressive success rate. As a reputable debt collection agency, we pride ourselves on delivering quality debt recovery services to every client.

Advanced Online Portal

With our state-of-the-art technology and powerful database, we can help you easily recover your debts. Through the portal, you can follow up on your patients’ debt payments in real-time. Our portal is also secure, protecting your sensitive customer information. In addition, our easy-to-use online portal makes it easier for your patients to settle their accounts.

Dental Experts

We’re not just debt collection experts—we’re also dental experts. Our team understands the complexity of dental billing. That’s one of the things that make our agency more successful in debt recovery for dental practices.

Clear Communication

Once we start implementing our debt collection and recovery strategy, you can expect us to send you regular updates. Our team will always reach out to you via email or phone to keep you up-to-date with the process.

Transparent Pricing

Our dental debt collection agency only charges fees on accounts that we have collected. This ensures you never have to pay an up-front cost for our dental debt collection services. We’ll also remit all money collected for our clients at the end of each month, so you can get your money as soon as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

Maximum Results

Slow or non-paying patients can ruin your dental practice. When accounts are going unpaid, you may not have enough cash to run your business. This is where our debt collection agency comes in. Our knowledge of the dental and debt collection industry allows us to deliver quality, proven results while adhering to all laws.

Our team has huge success rates for increasing your cash flow and doing it in a way that keeps your patients coming back to your dental practice.

Dental Debt Collection FAQs

Yes, they’re covered under the FDCPA.

You can design and send a clear and readable statement to your patients. The statement should highlight the balance due, the due date, and how patients can contact your dental office to talk about payments.

In case there is an increase in missed payments and your in-house debt collection process is ineffective, you should get in touch with our dental debt collection agency as soon as possible.

We’ll ensure you have a diplomatic and successful dental debt recovery process.

Hire Our Specialized Dental Debt Collection Agency

Have you noticed a trend in late and non-paying patients? Looking for dependable dental debt collection services?

Look no further than First Federal Credit Control. Our debt collection agency treats every one of your patients with dignity and respect and ensures they pay you back. Let’s boost your cash flows while maintaining your good reputation.