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Our experienced First Federal Credit Control (FFCC) staff has an average of 18 years of tenure with us and offers both a high level of training and a proven record of expertise in every aspect of collections. Since 1970, we’ve assisted businesses in Austin, TX and beyond to collect on their unpaid balances. 

The FFCC Process

  • First Federal Credit Control begins with a series of letters and calls. Debtors can either pay over the phone or through our secure website.
  • If the provided phone numbers are incorrect or mail gets returned, we have skip tracing tools that allow us to find the necessary data.
  • 45 days from account placement, accounts are then reported to 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion).
  • The final step of our process is to recommend legal action. We have established relationships with a nationwide network of attorneys.

The Effects of Delinquent Payments in Austin, Texas

Every business owner and business manager understands that the most important aspect to running a business is to receive viable, on time payment for their products and services. When customers don’t pay their bills, whether that is through a payment delay or them stopping altogether, the lack of income can quickly get you behind on your expenses and even make it difficult to continue keeping the business operational. This issue can eventually lead from delays or reduction in service to closure or worse- filing for bankruptcy. 

How Can a Debt Collection Agency Help My Business? 

The most common concern we hear from new clients as to why they put off hiring an Austin-based debt collection agency is that they don’t want to inadvertently damage or negatively affect any customer or community standing. However, these clients find that when they hire a well-established company with the necessary skills and connections in the area, their revenue recovers and their client relationships can even improve. 

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and search for a “collection agency near me,” you can have confidence in the fact that First Federal Credit Control always works toward reaching an optimal outcome for both our clients and theirs. The first step when bringing on a new client is to make sure we take the time to understand their needs, goals, and brand, allowing our team to acclimate to that client and work as an extension of their company, not as a separate entity. However, even as they work as an extension of you, they bring all our industry relationships and recovery process along to boost your rate of collection. 

For a small or family-owned business, the relationships that have developed between the owner, staff, and clients is a high priority, making it difficult for the employees and agents of that business to collect on delinquent or outstanding debt. By hiring outside help in the form of an experienced collection agency, you can find relief from the stress associated with those difficult conversations and processes while still ensuring you get the money you’re owed. 

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Debt Collection Agency in Austin, Texas? 

When researching each of the many debt collection agencies in the area, there are a few points to look out for: 

It’s optimal for the agency to seamlessly operate as an extension of your brand. Look for a company that will take the time and do the work to understand the specific ways you operate and do business. 

The debt collection agency you choose should have an established and proven track record of several years in your region. An important aspect of collections is their understanding of regional specific economies, demographics, and businesses. 

Not only should the debt collection agency have regional expertise, they should have industry-specific expertise. There are strict rules and regulations to observe and it’s necessary to have foreknowledge of these to keep your company in compliance throughout the collection process. If the agency you’re researching has done work for other companies in your industry, it provides a point of confidence that they’re up-to-date with your state and industry requirements. 

The last and most important consideration is that the debt collection agency you choose to work with only uses tactics that you’re comfortable with, that will help build and improve those long-term client relationships and give your customers a positive experience with your company, allowing them to put together a consistent payment plan until you are repaid their debt in full. Compassion for the payer of debt is an important aspect in debt collection. 

Industries Served

Some of the industries we serve include, but aren’t limited to:

At FFCC, we serve businesses large and small in many industries including but not limited to:  

  • Auto loans
  • Pest control
  • Lawn care
  • Wholesale food distributors 
  • Alarm companies 
  • HVAC companies 
  • Emergency restoration services
  • Construction companies
  • Roofing companies 
  • Private schools
  • Veterinarians 
  • Property management companies
  • Healthcare

Debt Recovery in Austin, Texas

While Austin, Texas doesn’t boast as many Fortune 500 companies as a few of its sister cities across Texas, it is still considered one of the best major cities for business, especially the tech industries, and boasts the site of a massive Tesla factory. Austin is known for many things outside of business as well, not the least of which is their thriving music scene, earning the moniker “Live Music Capital of the World.” Austin hosts the Texas State Capitol, the Bullock Museum which is filled with artifacts and interactive exhibits about the history of the state, and historical music venues such as Broken Spoke and Carousel Lounge.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional debt collection agency to help your business, contact us at FFCC today via our online form or by giving us a call at (800) 486-5500.