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A History Of Beachwood

Located in the state of Ohio, the town of Beachwood is part of Cuyahoga County. Close to the big city of Cleveland, Beachwood is subsequently a suburb of Cleveland, too. Before earning the name of Beachwood, the Cuyahoga-based suburb was recognized as being part of Warrensville Township. 

On a larger scale, Beachwood’s land was initially referred to as a portion of the Connecticut Western Reserve. In 1915, Beachwood became a separate entity, meaning it was an independent municipality. 

It was then that Beachwood made the change and became recognized as a village instead of a municipality. It took some time for Beachwood to reach the population size necessary to become a city, but in 1960, Beachwood, Ohio was officially recognized as a city. 

Over time, a plethora of families moved to Beachwood because of the influx in business opportunities stemming from the flourishing economy at the time. Thanks to the economy and the opportunities presented to them in the suburbs, it became possible for professionals to open their own small businesses and begin to make a living in the city of Beachwood, Ohio. 

Serving The Beachwood Ohio Business Community

Today, there are numerous successful businesses in Beachwood. From gyms like Lifetime Fitness and hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic, Beachwood is home to restaurants, retail stores, bioscience companies, healthcare service providers, internet providers, computer shops, corporate businesses, offices, and everything in between.

One of the best professional relationships business owners can build is a partnership with a debt collection agency. As a business owner, partnering with a debt collection agency is a smart business move. Think of it as a way of legally protecting your business if you need to recover money owed to you.

At FFCC, we are excited to work with various businesses in Beachwood, Ohio and throughout the United States. Becoming a client of ours is easy.
The process is straightforward, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your business is in good hands. 

With over fifty years in the debt collection industry, our agency knows how to tailor our process to fit the needs and expectations of your business.

Are you a business in Northeast Ohio looking for a debt collection agency? FFCC has you covered!

Reach out to us today to start working with a debt collection agency you can trust and who will work hard to maintain the client relationships you have spent time and energy building.

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