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Businesses in Houston, TX have relied on First Federal Credit Control (FFCC) and our experienced staff to collect on their unpaid balances since 1970. With a high level of training and an average tenure of 18 years with us, you can trust that our staff has the collections expertise you need. 

The FFCC Process

  • We begin with a series of calls and letters. Debtors will be given the option of paying via phone or through our secure website.
  • If there are any mail returns or incorrect phone numbers, we can use skip tracing tools that allow us to find the necessary data.
  • 45 days after account placement, accounts are reported to all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion).
  • The final step within our process is recommending legal action. We have relationships with a nationwide network of attorneys.

The Effects of Delinquent Payments in Houston, Texas

Prompt and timely payments for your business offerings, whether services and products, is the most essential aspect to keeping a functional and operational business. As a business owner or manager, you understand that when payments stop coming in, expenses are unable to be covered, which quickly makes it difficult or impossible to continue operating your business. Thus, whether or not business is booming, enough customers with unpaid bills or outstanding balances can correlate directly to a need to file for bankruptcy. 

How Can a Debt Collection Agency Help My Business? 

It’s common for many business owners to consider contacting a Houston debt collection agency long before they ever reach out, frequently from a concern that their standing in the community or their customer relationships will be negatively affected if they take that step. However, once they hire and begin to work with an agency with an established footprint in the community, most businesses find that working with a well-respected collections agency can simultaneously improve revenue and client relationships. 

If you’ve reached the point of searching for a “collection agency near me,” you can have confidence that First Federal Credit Control always works toward reaching an optimal outcome for all parties involved, both you and your clients. When we bring on a new client, our first step in the process is to work closely with them to determine how we can best support their goals and needs while working as an extension of their company and brand. Our team acclimates to your brand, while still bringing the established Houston industry relationships and the best national recovery rates in the collections industry. 

For small and family-owned businesses, collecting delinquent or unpaid debt can be a difficult or sensitive subject due to the established relationships between staff and clients. You can relieve that stress and difficulty from your team by hiring an experienced collection agency to do that work on your behalf and ensure you still get the money you’re owed. 

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Debt Collection Agency in Houston, Texas? 

We recommend a few research points when reviewing the many debt collection agencies who work out of Houston: 

A professional agency should work as an extension of your brand, not a separate entity from your company. Our job is to learn the ways your company does business and how specifically you operate as a brand. 

The debt collection agency should have several years of establishment in your region. Knowledge of the regional and economical factors affecting your business and clients is an important aspect of collections. 

Determine whether the debt collection agency has worked with other companies in your industry, so you can be confident that they have the industry-specific knowledge needed to stay in compliance with state and industry requirements while collecting debts. Strict rules and regulations for collections are commonly industry-specific and the company you hire should have the needed expertise already. 

The most important thing is that the agency you choose to operate on your behalf uses tactics you can condone and are comfortable for you. Their goal should be to help foster positive, long-term client relationships with compassion and planning, helping your clients put together a clear plan that allows them to make consistent payments until the debt is paid in full. 

Industries Served

Some of the industries we serve include, but aren’t limited to:

At FFCC, we serve businesses large and small in many industries including but not limited to:  

  • Auto loans
  • Pest control
  • Lawn care
  • Wholesale food distributors 
  • Alarm companies 
  • HVAC companies 
  • Emergency restoration services
  • Construction companies
  • Roofing companies 
  • Private schools
  • Veterinarians 
  • Property management companies
  • Healthcare

Debt Recovery in Houston, Texas

Greater Houston is the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the United States with at least 145 languages spoken. It is also home to the headquarters of 24 Fortune 500 businesses as of 2022, making it one of the best business cities in the United States. Famous sights include Space Center Houston, home of many amazing NASA exhibits, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston where visitors can find art by Renior, Monet, Cassatt, Degas, and many others. Houston is also home to the beautiful and expansive Houston Zoo and Children’s Museum Houston.

If you’re searching for an agency you can trust to help you with your debt collection needs, contact us at FFCC today by giving us a call at (800) 486-5500 or by filling out our online form.